Jan 042015

With the arrival of the smartphones, that allow the user to navigate the internet, the way new websites are designed has changed. Most of new designs are “responsive”, that is, they adapt their layout to the dimensions of the screen where they are being displayed.

But, for many of the websites that existed previously, the change to a responsive design is not an easy task. Nevertheless, there are some minor changes that can be done to a non-responsive design, that may improve the rendering of a site on screens that are smaller than the target resolution of the original design.

This post explains some of the possible design changes that can be done on a non-responsive website.

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Sep 022014

This post explains how to use a Sony Xperia SP smartphone as a USB modem to give internet access to a desktop or portable computer running Windows 7.

With minor changes, the instructions in this post can be used for most other smartphone brands and models running Android, and computers running other Windows versions.

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Nov 282012

In this third post in our series on programming apps in Android, we are going to use the “Hello” application presented in our previous post as a starting point to create a “HelloBye” application with two windows.

In this new app we will be adding a second window named “Bye”, and will explain how to switch from the “Hello” window to the “Bye” window and vicecersa,by means of the application contextual menu. This will also give us the opportunity to explain a bit more about the structure of an Android app.

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Nov 182012

The Android mobile phone or tablet we obtain from our carrier often comes with many pre-installed applications, demos of games, etc. Some of them might be of interest to us, but most likely we will have no interest in some others (Google Plus, Facebook, Youtube, a demo of a game we have no intention to buy,…)

The problem is, these applications occupy a valuable space in our system disk, and they cannot be uninstalled or moved to the SD card using the available options.

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