Oct 132012

Sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where you need to connect your laptop to internet, but for some reason you cannot use a cable connection or a wireless network. In those cases you have the option of using your Android smartphone as an USB modem.

Of course, the pre-requisite to do this is having a working internet connection in the mobile device, either through Wi-Fi or through the the 3G network of your telephony provider.

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Oct 062012

The procedure explained in this post is specific for the model GT-S5830 using android 2.3.5.

If your device model is other, you might want to read the post How to unlock a Samsung Galaxy ACE GT-S5839i, which explain an alternative method valid also for other new models of Samsung devices.

The information in this post was obtained from a youtube video (spanish): Liberar Samsung Galaxy ACE GRATIS.

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Sep 082012

What does it mean “rooting” an android device ?

In the default configuration of an android device (smartphone or tablet), some elements are protected. Accessing or editing them requires granting special permissions. In systems of the unix family (android being one of them), these permissions are known as superuser or root permissions.

That is why, the process of configuring the system to grant some applications superuser permissions is known as “rooting” the device.

What is the use of rooting an android device ?

Among many other possibilities, a rooted smartphone can be unlocked to be used with any telephony operator. This post explains how this process was carried out in a Samsung Galaxy Ace model GT-S5830, Android version 2.3.5 smartphone. This process could be valid for other brands and models, as well as other android versions.

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