Jan 202013

Windows 8 has already landed in the market of operating systems for mobile devices, trying to compete with Android. Its success will greatly depend on the availability of value added apps for this platform.

To enter this new field, an application developer must start by setting up an environment to develop apps targeted to the Windows 8 platform. In this post we will outline the steps required to get the development environment ready.

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Dec 132012

Users visiting a web site use different operating systems (Windows, Linux), and different browsers (Internet Explorer versions 6,7,8,9, Firefox, Chrome, Opera,…).

The differences in implementation of these browsers often result in differences in the processing and rendering of the HTML, CSS and Javascript code mix that usually compose a web page, making the pages of our site look distorted or not operational in some of them.

There are “cross-browser” libraries and other tactics to avoid these compatibility issues between browsers, but the first step is to discover where do these problems happen, by testing the pages in our site on a set of different types of browsers and versions that cover as much as possible the browsers used by our visitors.

In this post we will explain how to set up a testing environment in a computer running  Windows 7 Professional, to run on a single computer different versions of Internet Explorer and other browsers.

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Apr 192012

(Leer este artículo en español)

Today OpenAlfa starts running a new blog for english readers.

In this blog we will collect our impressions about the evolution of the project, and also about many current topics in the world of the Open Source, and everything related to Information Technology.

We hope it will please you, and you are also welcome to participate with you comments and suggestions.



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