Nov 202014

Most email services implement several verification procedures on incoming email to ensure that it is legitimate, and prevent their users’ inboxes from being flooded with unwanted email (spam).

For instance, Google Gmail, among other tests, verifies that the incoming email is signed with DKIM. Servers sending email to gmail users that do not implement this signing may find that the emails sent are flagged as spam by Google Gmail servers, are delivered to the spam folder of the recipient, or are just discarded.

This post goes through the details of the implementation of the DKIM digital signature on a Postfix mail server running on a linux Debian machine. It also covers briefly SPF and other email authentication mechanisms.

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Nov 132014

Postfix is a mail server software widely used to implement a mail service for many internet domains. It was originally developed as an alternative to the classic sendmail, focusing on the safety, that has historically been the weakest point of sendmail. Since then, it has become very popular thanks to the easy administration and reliability that it provides.

This post is a basic guide to the installation and configuration of a Postfix mail service on a linux Debian server.

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May 082012

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In a previous post we explained how to perform the installation of the Postfix mail server.

In this post we will explain how to install Postfixadmin. Postfixadmin is a web frontend to the mysql database used by Postfix. With Postfixadmin we can easily manage from a web browser our Postfix service, adding and removing mail users and domains, mail aliases, disk quotas, etc.

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