Aug 032012

The “European Installation Bus” (EIB) is the standard adopted by the  KNX specification for the interconnection of home appliances in a decentralized network.

In a building we can find many devices for the control of illumination, temperature, doors and blinds, etc. Overall, these devices can be classified in two broad groups of “sensors” and “actuators”. Each of these devices communicates with the other devices by sending and receiving “telegrams” (data packets) to/from the bus.

Physically, the bus can be implemented on several media:

  • A twisted pair (TP) cable, running along the power line.
  • Wireless communication.
  • The existinig power line itself (PL)

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Jul 182012

In a new default wordpress installation, the url to access a given post only has an argument to identify the post by the numeric id. For instance,

It is much better to use a descriptive url, containing the title of the post. This post, for instance, can be accessed with the url:

Achieving this in wordpress is easy. From the administration home page of our wordpress installation, go to “Settings->Permalinks”. The configuration page that shows is like this:

Permalinks setup

Permalinks setup form

In the configuration page, we can select the predefined option “Post name” to set the url as the post title, or else select “Custom Structure”, and specify the desired url structure by means of tags. In the above example image, the custom structure is simply “/%postname%/”, resulting in the same type of url as the “Postname” standard option.

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