Jan 162015
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In the Samsung Galaxy S5 there are two main ways to take a screenshoot:

Method 1

This is the same method used in other Samsung Galaxy models, and in devices from other vendors



To take a screenshot, you need to press simultaneously the power button to the right, and the Home button at the bottom. If done correctly, the sound of the camera shutter will be heard. In the notification area at the top of the screen, the notification about the captured screenshow will be shown, and from there the screenshot can be opened in Gallery to be reviewed, shared in Facebook, emailed as attachement, etc.

The files holding the captured screenshots can also be found, using a file explorer, in the folder /pictures/screenshots.

Method 2

A screenshot of the Galaxy S5 can also be taken swiping the palm of the hand horizontally across the screen, as can be seen in the figure below:



This method is enabled by default, and is much easier than the first method, where some users may find difficult to press both buttons exactly at the same time. However, some users might want to disable it, to avoid unwanted screen captures. To activate or deactivate this option, just go to “Settings > Movements > Movements and gestures > Palm swipe to capture”

And that’s all!

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