Dec 132012

One of the first steps in creating a new web site is to decide for a domain name. It could be a country-specific name (‘’, ‘’) or else a generic name (‘’, ‘’, ‘’,…)

But the chance is that somebody else has already registered that name that took us so long to decide on, and that really fits the content we want to put on the site. Sometimes it could be a company or individual running a “true” website, but in most cases they are companies specialized in registering thousands of domain names, just in case somebody else is interested in buying a name from them, and is willing to pay for it, from a few hundred dollars up to considerable amounts of money in some cases.

In any case, the easiest way to check the availability of a given domain name is to go to one of the main registrars, such as euroDNS or GoDaddy. In their sites there is normally a tool that allows us to perform a query on a domain name, and return the availability of that name for the different combinations of country-specific and generic domains.

For instance, we can go to This tool allows us to make a query for a single domain name, or for up to 100 domain names at at time (“Bulk Search”). There is also an “Advanced Search” option, to perform a lookup of more specific TLD’s such as “” or “”:



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