Jun 272013
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After a while, the video that play when our Android phone is switched on, and most of all the audio, can become quite annoying. The same happens with the audio and video that play when the device is switched off. This post explains how to get rid of them.

Note: The procedure exposed in this post has been tried on a Samsung Galaxy ACE. For other brands and models, the procedure might be different from the one described here.


The files to be removed are located under the “/system” folder. By default, this folder is write-protected. In order to make changes to it, the mobile must have been rooted, and have a file explorer installed (for instance, Root Explorer or SuperManager), to be able to modify the content of that folder.

Files to remove

Using the file explorer, locate and remove (or just rename) the following files:

  1.  Startup video: /system/media/bootsamsung.qmg and /system/media/bootsamsungloop.qmg.
  2.  Shutdown video: /system/media/video/shutdown/shutdown.qmg.
  3.  Startup audio: /system/etc/PowerOn.wav.
  4.  Shutdown audio: /system/media/audio/ui/shutdown.ogg.

If you just want to get rid of the audio, remove or rename the files in points 3) and 4), and leave the other unchanged.

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