Jun 292013
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The Java 6 SDK is required for the development of apps for the Android platform. The “WEB UPD8” site maintains a PPA (Personal Package Archive) repository with Oracle Java 7 and 8, and has recently added the Oracle (Sun) Java 6 packages.

Oracle java 6 ubuntu

Using a PPA for the installation of these packages instead of manually downloading them from the Oracle web site has the advantage that updates can be automatically performed without having to check from time to time if there is a new update available.

The Oracle Java license does not allow the copy of any Java file. For this reason, what is available in the PPA is a script that downloads the Java 6 package from the Oracle servers, and runs the installation.

Install Oracle Java 6 on Ubuntu using the PPA

The version of the JDK available in the PPA at the time this post is written is Oracle Java SE 6 Update 38 (7u38).

The following commands perform the installation of the JDK, JRE and the Java plugin for the browser:

There are currenly packages specific for Ubuntu Raring, Quantal, Precise, Oneiric, Natty, Maverick and Lucid.

Install Oracle Java 6 on Debian using the PPA

The installation on a Debian system is performed with the following commands:


Setting the Java environment variables

The setup of the Java environment variables (JAVA_HOME, CLASSPATH, etc.) can be automated installing the package:

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