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This post explains how to use a Sony Xperia SP smartphone as a USB modem to give internet access to a desktop or portable computer running Windows 7.

With minor changes, the instructions in this post can be used for most other smartphone brands and models running Android, and computers running other Windows versions.


The “PC Companion” software must be already installed in the computer that we want to connect to internet

Configuring the smarphone

Connect the phone to the computer with the USB cable. Go to “Settings > More… > Tethering and portable hotspot”, and check “USB tethering”




The first time, a message “Installing device driver software” in the system tray informs that the required driver is being installed. Wait until the message changes to say that the driver has been successfully installed and the device is ready to use


Y con esto ya está operativa la conexión a internet del ordenador a través del móvil.

And that completes the setup to connect the computer to internet using the smartphone as a modem.

Xperia Link ?

We have seen the base functionality implemented in the Android operating system is enoug to use the smartphone as a USB modem, and no addicional app needs to be installed for this purpose.

But, on the other hand, there is a preinstalled application in Xperia smartphones called “Xperia Link”. The description that appears when this app is executed might make the user believe that this app is required to use the phone as a modem:

“Xperia Link lets you connect to the Internet from your tablet/PC using the network connection of this phone. It also allows you to view the phone’s text messages and receive call notifications on your tablet”.

Actually, Xperia Link is not needed to use the phone as a USB modem. It only makes sense to obtain the extra functionality of receiving in the tablet/PC notifications of incoming calls and text messages. Furthermore, this app is only available for some  models of Sony tablets, and Sony VAIO PCs running Windows 8.

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